What You Need to Know if You or a Loved One are Going into a Nursing Home and are Applying for Medicaid

Medicaid Qualification is complicated. Don't Make the Mistakes that Most People Make that Costs Them Thousands of Dollars.


  • How Much the Spouse can Keep if Someone if Going into the Nursing Home;
  • The Myths and Misconceptions That Can Derail Your Application and Cost You Your Life Savings;
  • What Assets Count and Which Ones Do Not;
  • Why Giving Away Your Assets is a Huge Mistake

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In this Guide You Will Learn:

  • The Financial Qualifications to Qualify for Medicaid; 
  • The Difference Between the Look Back Period and the Penalty Period;
  • How to Qualify Even if Your Income Exceeds the Income Limit. 
  • Strategies to Ensure you Keep as Many Assets as Possible;  
  • Why Selling Assets for Less Than Fair Market Value Will Cause Delays in Qualification;
  • Strategies to Maximize the Income of the Spouse who is Not Going into the Nursing Home;
  • Why the Timing of the Filing of Your Medicaid Application is Critical;