living with dementia e-Book

You’re Not Alone: Living with Dementia

Helpful, concise and accurate information about living with dementia, and how to cope:

  • What is dementia?
  • How to live with dementia: planning ahead for legal matters and the cost of memory care, and advice for caregivers.
  • What is the path forward after a dementia diagnosis?
planning for the guardianship of minors

10 Legal Strategies Every Parent Should Know

Your kids are counting on you to protect them—no matter what. Download this free guide to learn:

  • 4 questions to ask yourself when choosing a legal guardian for your children
  • Legal strategies to ensure your children have access to everything they need, without placing a financial burden on their guardian
  • How to keep your kids (and your estate) out of probate
  • How to protect your children’s inheritance safe from creditors and predators
5 essential estate planning documents

The 5 Legal Documents Every Adult Needs

We invite you to download this free report now to learn how to protect your family, assets, and everything that matters to you. You’ll learn:

  • The top 5 legal documents everyone over the age of 18 needs
  • How to make sure your wishes are known and honored
  • How to ensure your beneficiaries don’t squander their inheritances
  • How to protect your nest egg from the government, courts, lawyers, creditors, predators, nursing homes, and more…
  • How to minimize conflict amongst your family members
  • How to choose the right law firm to support you on your estate planning journey

The Basics of Estate Planning in Alabama

A comprehensive, yet simple guide to Estate Planning in Alabama. The book covers topics such as the documents everyone needs, how to avoid probate, how to protect assets from the costs of long term care and how to qualify for nursing home Medicaid in Alabama. We explain the basics and incorporate stories to illustrate the concepts that you need to know. Estate Planning is a journey and not a one time event. This book is a resource you can use as your life circumstances change.

Medicaid Planning In Alabama: What You Need To Know

Medicaid is the government program that pays for Nursing Home care. However, Medicaid is a means tested program so it can be very difficult to qualify. The guide covers some of the main Medicaid rules and common mistakes people make that can prevent Medicaid qualification.

elder law - caring for aging parents

Caring for Aging Parents: The ABCs of Long-Term Care Planning

Caring for an aging loved one can be a difficult experience. It is even more difficult when the caregiver does not have the legal documents necessary to provide the proper care. Without a plan or the legal documents necessary, caregiving can be extremely stressful. This guide will provide you with the information you need as a caregiver to ensure that you have all the legal tools you need.

Don’t Go Broke Paying For Long-Term Care

Long term care expenses are the greatest threat to your home and life savings. The guide provides some strategies on how to protect assets and pay for long term care without the risk of losing everything you have worked for.

Seven Steps to Handling Your Loved One’s Estate

Being appointed personal representative of a loved one’s estate can be a thankless job. The process can be confusing. The guide provides you will some direction as to what you need to do as personal representative. By taking these 7 steps, you will be well on your way to minimizing the confusion and getting the job done.

Legal Planning for Children and Adults with Special Needs

Providing care for an adult with special needs is rewarding and often very challenging. Caring with an adult with special needs also comes with certain legal requirements as well. This guide will provide you with information so that you do not have to be concerned about legal issues but can focus on providing care instead.

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