Government benefits sometimes are difficult to find. Many programs exist and there’s just no way to know about all of the ones that might help you. For example, wartime veteran Alan L. had great difficulty taking care of himself as he approached age 75. His concerned family searched for programs that might help him. They decided to learn how to apply for Aid & Attendance.

What is Aid & Attendance?

This benefit program is provided to certain wartime veterans in addition to their monthly pension. To qualify, a wartime veteran must:

  • Be eligible for the Veterans Administration (VA) basic pension;
  • Require another person to help with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, feeding, and adjusting prosthetics;
  • Be required to stay in bed due to a disability or disabilities;
  • Be living in a nursing home because of mental or physical incapacity; or
  • Have very limited eyesight.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned warning signs, the next step is applying. For example, our friend Alan mentioned above already receives his basic veteran’s pension. In addition, he needs help every day with very basic but necessary activities, including keeping him safe in his home. He may soon be moving to a nursing home. Alan and his family could really use some help paying for care that meets his needs. Considering everything, Alan is probably eligible for Aid & Attendance. Now, he just has to apply and qualify.

Navigating the Application Process

Like most government benefit programs, knowing how to apply for Aid & Attendance is difficult. To apply for Aid & Attendance benefits:

  • Write to the Pension Management Center or visit the local regional benefit office to file your request for benefits.
  • Include evidence validating your need for Aid & Attendance. It’s recommended that you present a report from your attending physician that states your needs and how well you currently get around.

The time from application to approval usually takes 6 to 8 months, although benefits occasionally may be approved in less time.

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