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If you have ever spent any time in an emergency room, you know how stressful it is. You may find yourself sitting beside a loved one anxiously awaiting a diagnosis. Or maybe you will be the one in need of emergency care. Either way, you may find yourself wondering how to pay for future medical treatments and long-term care. Medicaid may be an option, but first you need to find out if you or your loved one is eligible for Medicaid. Understanding Medicaid and its eligibility requirements might help.

First, Medicaid is funded by the federal government, but administered by individual state agencies. The program supplies health care for people in need. However, not everyone can receive Medicaid. Applicants to the program must meet strict requirements to qualify.

Understanding Medicaid Medical Eligibility

Some people think Medicaid is only for elderly people. However, there are several programs within Medicaid that aid other groups, like pregnant women and children.

Eligibility requirements vary depending on the program you apply for. No matter which program you choose, however, you must show a medical need, be disabled, or be blind. For example, to qualify for the Medicaid for Elderly and Disabled program, you may need to prove that long-term nursing care is needed.

Applicants also must meet income and resource limits to qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Understanding Medicaid Financial Eligibility

Income is only one test used to determine Medicaid eligibility. Applicants must also prove their assets and resources are within limits in most Medicaid programs. Also, income, asset, and resource limits may vary. For example, Medicaid limits for 2018 are:

  • Qualifying Through SSI: Aged, blind, or disabled individuals may earn $770 per month for one person, $1,145 for a couple. Resources cannot exceed $2,000 (single) or $3,000 (couple) per month.
  • Nursing Home Medicaid: Individuals eligible for institutional care have an income limit of $2,250 per month and a $2,000 resource limit as of the first day of the month.
  • Home and Community Based Waivers: The limit is $2,250 per month for income and $2,000 per month for resources.

This list does not include other programs, such as those for children, parents and caretaker relatives, pregnant women, among others.

Applying for Medicaid Is Hard. We Can Help.

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